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In the heart of the picturesque landscape of Dworp we find the breeding- and studfarm of the hospitable André Leemans. The name of the stud 'Van De Padenborre' was taken from the street name and is a concept in the world of breeding and cavalry.

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Iron Man from the Padenborre

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Bwp-Award 2005 for studfarm the Padenborre

On Saturday, February 4, the members' party 2006 of the BWP took place in 'De Waterhoek' at Geetbets. About 200 horse breeders and board members were present at the gathering and enjoyed the splendid environment and the delicious dishes. Prior to the party, a number of horse breeders and owners were rewarded. The owners of Pavo-champion foals 2005 received a beautiful photograph donated by GALLOP, the breeders of Pavo-champions BRp, CpB, TpB and BWP and the breeders of the Belgian sport champions received a commemorative plate. Further, the owners of the new elite mares got a personalised stable plate and a certificate of qualification was offered to the owners of Bwp-Ambassadors who were present. The climax of the homage was the distribution of the Bwp-Award 2005. Three persons were nominated by the promotion commission. The couple Meskens-Rooms for their breeding product 'Winsome van de Plataan', which became world champion of the seven-years; the couple Neuray, for their commitment and innovative work in pony breeding in Wallonia and Stud farm 'De Padenborre' because they succeeded in having three breeding products at the prestigious jumping of Aachen in 2005. Because the performance of the last mentioned stud farm was that exceptional, Kim Leemans, daughter of André Leemans of 'De Padenborre' was handed over the BWP-award, under loud applause.

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The road of André Leemans from the Padenborre

Breeder André Leemans (56) from the Pajottenland goes his own way, straight out. A misfit who would have nothing to do with recent commercial developments. That does not mean that he is less successful, on the contrary. The BWP appreciated him with the award of breeder of the year. He does not agree with the expansion of auctions, he finds it a farce. Keeping horses for the Belgian sport, is a hopeless task to him, because it is too expensive and there are too few chances. Nevertheless, he enjoys secretly, the sport and the performances of his breeding products, regardless of who presents them.

- CAP, March 2007


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